So close…

It has been a very busy few weeks preparing for the slab pour…the weather has been cooperating off-and-on.  As you may or may not know, the main floor is a big concrete slab.  Underneath, we have had to run HVAC, electrical, gas lines and plumbing in preparation for the various services that will be required. Continue reading

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Roof, HVAC and Structural

The Roof:

Today (Family Day), the roofers were finally able to return to continue installing the roof.  They managed to get the rear of the house on about 3 weeks ago, but have been held up  due to ice and snow.  Due to the recent spike in temperatures, the snow has melted and we are going full-speed ahead.  The roofers were able to get about half of the front on today (sorry for the lack of pics…but the lighting is difficult at the front of the house).

Hopefully the roof will be completed by the end of the week – I think they have about two days worth of work left…but it’s going to rain tomorrow, so maybe Wednesday.

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New Blog and Progress Update!

First off, welcome to the new blog.  I thought it might be easier to put everything on a blog to get both the description and photos together in one place.  I will try and archive some of the older pics and information, but it may take some time before I get to that.

Now onto the Progress!!!!

Lots has happened since the last update.  Where do I begin? Continue reading

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About the Reno

My wife and I are about to embark on something crazy…we are going to tear our most expensive asset apart, throw most of it in a dumpster, and essentially rebuild it from the studs up and out.  Follow our adventure.

The House:

  • Existing house was built in 1954
  • Sits on a 100x150ft lot near the Scarborough Bluffs
  • We bought the house 3 years ago from a couple who had tried to ‘flip’ it

The Project:

  • Gut existing ~1500 sq ft side split home built in 1954
  • Build ~500 sq ft addition
  • Move entire kitchen ~20ft
  • Replace entire roof including trusses and install ~20ft cathedral ceiling
  • New 10kw Solar System on the new roof (not confirmed)

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