The Patio Door is in…

It has only been a couple of weeks since I last wrote, but three major items have seen significant progress, so I thought it would be fitting to send a quick update.


The Patio Door:

We are really excited – the new 12ft patio door is in.  It only took a couple of weeks, but it finally is installed.  It took a lot to get it installed – we had to cut back the brick, re-support the overhang, pour a new concrete stoop, and then install the door.


Hydro Service:

I just happened to be driving by last week as the Hydro contractor was checking out the site.  Against everything I was told by Hydro, he was waiting for my to complete my work before they would come and run the new hydro service.  So, we got to work!  We dug the trench, and laid the pipe ready for the hydro service.

Hydro specs called for red PVC pipe (4″), buried 800mm (2ft 8in) below ground and concrete encased under the driveway.  This means that we had to cut across the driveway which we were hoping to keep.  I guess I should add a new driveway into the budget!



The waterproofing at the front of the house has now been completed.  This means that work in the basement can proceed.  We managed to get some of the floor in over the weekend, but I don’t seem to have any pics on my phone.


Basement Stairs:

I was very lucky to have my dad down over the weekend and we discovered that the bottom two steps into the basement were made of concrete.  A bit of muscle, and they have been removed and are sat out for the concrete bin that will be showing up next week.

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