Then there was a Big Ass Fan…

The march towards completion continues…almost everyday another item gets checked off the mile-long list.  It is nice to look back through these posts as it shows the amount of progress over the 2-4 weeks between posts.  Without further rambling – let’s get down to the detailed update:


The fireplace is in and looks great.  It only took about 2hrs to get the unit installed, and then another day to get everything framed out above the fireplace.  The fireplace company needs to come back and install the ‘Heat shift’ system which essentially routes the hot air around the TV.  Hopefully this will prevent the new bigscreen from prematurely dying on us due to the heat.


All of the return ducts have now been installed.  The HRV vents have also been installed.  Code now requires an HRV due to the airtight building envelope, so it will be nice to have fresh air during the winter in the house.


We have decided to go with copper piping for all of the water lines.  Pex is normally run in residential properties now as it is faster and cheaper.  We ultimately chose copper because the cost difference was not huge, and you always hear about health issues with plastic.

Electrical Service to the House:

We have given Toronto Hydro the full $5700 payment to bury the cable to the property line (eek).  They have even sent us a note saying that we are all paid up.  But that is as far as they seem to have gotten with their work.  They have supposedly requested locates, but as of this evening, there were no painted lines on our lawn.  They are again claiming they should do their work late this week or early next week.  Once that is done, my waterproofing contractor will dig the most beautiful trench you have ever seen…2ft deep along the driveway, and then 3ft where we cut across the driveway.  Our electrician will lay some conduit, we will throw some concrete in the hole, then two different types of guys with clipboards will come and inspect that the conduit is buried properly.


The electrician worked all last week to get almost everything roughed in on the main floor.  Not an exhaustive list, but he roughed in: all lights (interior and exterior), outlets, data jacks, phone lines, the security camera system, and CO2/Smoke Detectors.  He also installed the Big Ass Fan which is what I am most excited about.

I almost forgot that the electrician drilled through a couple of the pre-engineered trusses to run wires (I caught it early!), but I still had to go to the truss company to get an approved fix for the trusses.


So we thought we were done with waterproofing.  Apparently not.  Two days after the guys left, we discovered the front wall of the basement had a major wet spot.  So, back they come to waterproof the front.


The main subfloor is now 90% complete on the main level.  We have run into one little hiccup where an HVAC vent was installed in the wrong spot.  We have to jackhammer the floor and relocate it about 4 inches inwards.  Once that is done, we will be able to finish that up and start the tap-conning procedure.  I bought a contractor pack of 600 x 5″ tapcons which will need to be drilled and screwed in.  Somehow that job always ends up at the bottom of my list.  If anyone feels like spending a day putting in screws – let me know.  I will buy you lunch.


The Solar Company has called and advised they can install anytime now…but we are waiting on the new hydro meter.  Once it is in place, then they will come to install the solar system!


That is just the 25,000ft high view of everything that is going on.  There are lots of little nuances and screw-ups along the way, but it is astounding to see the progress when I look at the blog (which is why I do it).  Hopefully by the next time, we have the new hydro service in, the patio door installed, and are ready for insulation.

We also had a little friend decide to move in.  Free to a good home: one wild raccoon who comes to visit every 3rd or 4th night.  Truth be told – we have only seen him there twice.  Hopefully he has moved on.



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