It’s Spring…

With all of these posts, every single one of them shows progress.  Thus, it is very difficult to come up with titles of posts.  I will say this – it is a lot easier to make progress in the spring than it is during the winter.  There haven’t been any posts lately due to all of the work that was going on.  It may not look like a whole lot, but these are massive steps in the right direction.

We are closing in on the Structural, HVAC and Plumbing inspection which should happen around the end of May.  We will then spend the rest of June doing electrical and insulating.  Then comes drywall, and then Jess’ new baby kitchen can be measured and built.  We are really looking forward to the 4 day long weekend coming up to give the progress an extra little boost.  Without any further adieu, let me show you what has been going on…(sorry this post is so long!)


The drains and vents have now been installed for the upstairs washroom and kitchen.  In the basement, we need the subfloor/walls in order to stick the vents right up into the attic.  My brother has been doing a great job and it’s always nice to catch up when he is on site.  Sorry, no pics of the awesome plumbing job, but I will get some for the next update.


The guys have been here installing the custom ducting.  It was custom fabricated to be the same depth as the beam, so we will maintain as much headroom as possible.  They are about half done and will be back soon to put in the rest of the ducting.  Once the inspection is done, we will drywall the mechanical room so that the furnace can be set in place.


The foundation guys are back once again and this time have dug down in the backyard to waterproof the foundation.  If you will recall, we had some water coming in and probably has been doing that for years!  When they dug down, they found that there was a hole where the old sprinkler system hookup went through the wall.  I guess the whoever did the install had never heard of caulk or mortar.  Anyways, they will still replace the weeping tile and waterproof it while they have it all excavated.  It was a very tight squeeze getting their machine in there, but it looks great.


Not to sugarcoat anything…but this concrete floor on the main floor has been a real pain since the beginning.  We went to put down the subfloor and the floor was too uneven.  So, my brother in law and I laid down 36 bags of self-leveling concrete.  Not cheap…but it has proven well worth it.  The floor is now much smoother.  We have now been working as hard/fast as we can to get the 1800 sq ft of subfloor laid.  It is comprised of landscape fabric, Delta MS (dimple), 2″ EPS Foam, and then 3/4″ T&G Plywood.  We then need to put a pile of tapcons in (like 500’ish)…oddly enough, Jess claims she is not strong enough to drive in the tapcons!  Lucky me.

As part of this, I also needed to fur out the kitchen area to allow 5.5″ of insulation.  I still need to sister all of the studs as they will be holding a lot of load, but that is something for another day.


I am told the gas fireplace will be installed on Wednesday.  Exciting…we ended up going with the Valor L2 which is a modern one and is long and short.  We shall see how it looks.  We also bought a ‘heat shift’ system which we are told deflects the heat and is a must if you are mounting a tv above a fireplace due to the heat.


I think I forgot to mention this in my last update, but the metal roof is now 100% complete…it only took 6 months from contract signing to it being completed.  It was a long road, but we are largely happy with the end result.  They have a couple of issues to be fixed with the snowguards, but that can be fixed anytime over the next 6-8 months.

Solar Panels:

Great news – we have finally been approved for solar and Toronto Hydro says they have enough capacity to install the solar system.  We signed off on the final configuration at the end of last week and the good news is – that it will be exactly a 10kw system which seems to be rare.  Most end up in the high 9kw’s.  They now apply for the building permit and once they have that, then it will be time to get climbing!


Solar Panel Layout


During the winter, we had our gas line moved to the front of the house.  This means it is in a central location, and that we will have gas during phase 2 when we want to knock down the garage.  That little change was $3k and included them digging right to the house and digging (with a vac truck) to disconnect the old line.  Steep, but still worth it.

We also wanted to change our 100AMP overhead electrical service to be a buried 200AMP service.  This would allow us to have power while the garage was knocked down during phase 2.  I figured this would cost roughly the same as the gas line…WRONG!

Picture this…we have a hydro pole 4 feet from our property line on the same side of the street as our house.  They just need to dig some conduit under ground and 30 feet later, it would pop up beside the house.  When I first spoke to hydro, they quoted between $6-15k to do what we wanted; oh, and that would only bring the power to the property line.  We would be responsible for digging from the property line to the house.

The upgrade to 200AMPS proved to be an issue because 14 homes are on the same transformer.  If we wanted 200AMPS, then we would need to buy a new transformer for the street to the tune of $6k.

In the end, we settled on doing the buried cable, but only 100AMPS.  This means a $6k bill vs. over $12k.  We have also sized the conduit and all other elements to be able to accommodate 200AMP service should a neighbour bite the bullet and upgrade the transformer in the future.


Jess has been very busy cleaning up the site at every chance.  She shop-vac’d basically the whole house.  She obviously cannot wait to be back in our house.

Some other pics…

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