Roof, Furnace Room and Front Entrance

There is lots of good news in this update…the warm weather is making everything easier.  I can see us moving back into the house any day now…(sorry Jess, I meant any month now).

With the concrete in, work has now shifted to ensuring that everything is ready to pass the structural inspection.  Basically, this inspection ensures that all of the main systems have been roughed in and all of the framing is complete.  The inspector is looking to make sure that the structure of the building is solid and to ensure that the structure has not been ‘modified’ with small little hacks.  With any luck, we should be there in a few short weeks.  Once this stage is complete, we be ready to insulate and begin drywall.

The roof is now complete* (sorry, I forgot to take a final pic).  It took a long time, but it looks great.  All of the flashings and snow guards are complete* which took a long time to get finished up, but looks great.  I will try and get a pic for the next update.   There are a couple of minor defects that need to be fixed, but I consider it complete.

There was a small wet spot in the basement floor that wouldn’t dry out.  We chipped up the floor and found that 1″ below the surface, it turned to sand.  Most likely it absorbed some water during the demo in the fall (when the roof was off) or some snow melt off boots in the winter and the dampness was migrating to the dryside (floor) in the spring.

We have finished the furnace room, completed the entrance way, and started to lay the subfloor.  However, we couldn’t get very far with it as the concrete slab-on-grade was a little uneven and had to even things out and let it dry.

Onwards and upwards.


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