It has been a busy week, both personally and in the reno-world that consumes our everyday. Things are progressing, but never as quickly as one would like.

Last Monday, the slab was poured which means we now have one continuous concrete floor on the main level and all of the drain channels filled in the basement.  This is a massive milestone – it was holding up a lot of work, but was hampered by the weather (ground kept freezing).  Our contractor ended up contracting for a concrete pump and we ended up pouring 14.54cu yds of cement.  It was pretty cool – the trucks mix it as-needed, so there is no waste and no need to worry about it being too dry when delivered.

On Wednesday, we had a truckload of materials show up.  Essentially, it was everything required for framing the rest of the areas (furnace room & entrance way) and the laying of the subfloor.  The truck brought 67 sheets of 3/4″ plywood – 75lbs each and had to be moved into the house.  Luckily, my parents came down to help move everything.

Thursday, my brother came and roughed in the drains for the upstairs bathroom.  It looks good.

This weekend, I managed to get some framing done in the furnace room.  My nailgun died on Saturday (it needs a $20 part), so I ended up just going and buying a new one to ensure that the progress continued.

During the past few rain storms, we have noticed some dampness where the old laundry room used to be.  We put it down to being damp in the laundry room, but it looks like we have a collapsed weeping tile or something similar.  As a result, our foundation guy will be coming to dig along the exterior of the house at the back to properly waterproof and install a new section of weeping tile.

Other than that – we have an appointment next weekend at the kitchen place.  I think Jess is looking forward to it…

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