So close…

It has been a very busy few weeks preparing for the slab pour…the weather has been cooperating off-and-on.  As you may or may not know, the main floor is a big concrete slab.  Underneath, we have had to run HVAC, electrical, gas lines and plumbing in preparation for the various services that will be required.


The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and AC) is a forced air system which has a normal gas furnace and pushes the air through the ducts.  We have run the Polyvinyl Coated pipe made by Flexmaster under the slab which prevents mildew, rust etc. and is really strong so that the concrete does not crush it when poured.  It took a little bit of finagling to get all of the registers in the right spot, but our heating contractor has been absolutely fantastic – they came back and fixed any issues literally next day (even working late to get it done!).  The section under the slab is now ready for the big pour and has been inspected by the City Inspector.


The electrician came and ran conduit to a number of subpanels.  Due to the length of the house (60ft long!) and the lack of access to a number of areas – we are planning to use 3 subpanels.  One to service the kitchen, one to service the front entrance/living/dining room and one to service the mechanical room.  The conduit is now in the floor and we will pull wires through once all the framing is up and concrete is in place.  The ESA came by to inspect the conduit…and all was a pass.


My awesome plumber (aka my brother) has been working over the past few months to install all of the required drains.  This has been fairly intricate due to the number of fixtures that we are planning in the basement.  We have the washer, shower, bath tub, vanity, two floor drains, laundry sink and of course a toilet.  So, this meant a lot of work.  This has all passed inspection by the City Inspector.


With all of the inspections out of the way, we had to backfill all of the channels we created for all of the above services.  My dad came down to help…and we managed to move in about 15 yards of gravel over two days.  I unfortunately got the recycled crush, rather than clear gravel, so it had to thaw before being moved.  I won’t make that mistake again!

Concrete Slab:

The concrete slab should be poured Tuesday if all goes according to plan and the weather is not too cold.  This is a MASSIVE milestone as it will allow us to get moving to finish the framing and install the subfloor.  It will also mean that we can run scaffolding around the area on wheels and make everything easier.


The structural engineer came to verify the framing that was done last October.  Normally a structural inspection is done once all of the HVAC and plumbing is installed to ensure that no structure was cut in the process.  The engineer noted several deficiencies so I went back to my framing contractor to get them fixed.  At the same time, I also asked for a quote on the front entrance way (part of which was in his original contract) and the new furnace room.  The quote came back at $7500 which is a lot for 2-3 days of work.  As a result, I sent him a nastygram essentially saying that you either come and complete your original scope of work for the quoted cost, or you provide a rebate.  I have a small hold back…but not the amount to cover all of the deficiencies.  To his credit, he will be back week after next to complete the deficiencies.  His big issue is that he has had a falling-out with the crew who did the work on my place due to not coming back to correct deficiencies – go figure.

I have two other quotes for the work and have come in much lower (one at $3k and one at 5k).  I am leaning towards just doing the work myself as it wasn’t in the original budget and it would allow for a few more finishing details later on in the project.

What’s Next:

  1. Pouring the concrete floor – should be this Tuesday.
  2. Frame the Front Entrance Way and Furnace Room
  3. Install the back patio door 🙂
  4. Rough-in rest of HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical
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