New Blog and Progress Update!

First off, welcome to the new blog.  I thought it might be easier to put everything on a blog to get both the description and photos together in one place.  I will try and archive some of the older pics and information, but it may take some time before I get to that.

Now onto the Progress!!!!

Lots has happened since the last update.  Where do I begin?

  1. The footings and wall for the new furnace room have been erected.
  2. Three new steel jack posts have replaced the large cinder block supports.  These will now fit nicely inside a 2×4 wall which should help to clear up the basement and make it comfortable.
  3. It took months, but the roofing material is on site and one side of the house is just about done!!
  4. The basement has been fully planned out and many of the drains are now in place.
  5. A temporary washroom has been setup in the basement, and let me tell you, it is comfortable!
  6. The main beam has been cut into two sections.  The engineer requested that this be done due to the two unequal lengths, and the amount of deflection when there is a snowload.
  7. Upstairs, the majority of the interior walls have been framed, and the HVAC has been roughed in with many of the holes cut for the return air vents and the supplies.
  8. Last but not least, we have a new gas line and meter (almost forgot about that)!

When the inspector was by last week, he recommended installing a backwater valve.  Essentially, if the city sewers back up, a small valve prevents the sewage backing up into our basement.  The actual cost of the valve was about $150 and was well worth the cost.  It is almost a small insurance policy against flooding the basement in the future.

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