About the Reno

My wife and I are about to embark on something crazy…we are going to tear our most expensive asset apart, throw most of it in a dumpster, and essentially rebuild it from the studs up and out.  Follow our adventure.

The House:

  • Existing house was built in 1954
  • Sits on a 100x150ft lot near the Scarborough Bluffs
  • We bought the house 3 years ago from a couple who had tried to ‘flip’ it

The Project:

  • Gut existing ~1500 sq ft side split home built in 1954
  • Build ~500 sq ft addition
  • Move entire kitchen ~20ft
  • Replace entire roof including trusses and install ~20ft cathedral ceiling
  • New 10kw Solar System on the new roof (not confirmed)

The circumstances:
I will be taking ~6-8mths off work to act as the GC. I am an IT Project Manager, so it will be a similar job, but different…

Already Done:

  • Rented accommodations
  • Plans are done by architect and Engineer – ready to be submitted to building dept

Next up:

  • Submit plans to building dept ASAP
  • Buy Truck & Dump Trailer
  • Find Masonry Contractor
  • Take down hedge and a couple of trees
  • Start packing
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