Drywall’s up!

What a busy and productive month and a half.  Let’s get started:

Spray Foam:

Mack from The Spray Foam Guy came and sprayed (blew?) nine inches (R50) of spray foam into the Cathedral Ceiling.  While this was a pricey item, we believe it was necessary to avoid a number of issues: venting, energy efficiency, and the joist spacing was non-standard (12″OC).  I will say…Mack was fantastic to work with – he forgot that it was R50 and called me as soon as he realized his mistake; owned up to it and fixed it literally by the next day.  The city inspector and drywallers were really happy with the job he did…so if you ever need someone for sprayfoam, I recommend The Spray Foam Guy.

Roxul Insulation:

The best decision of the project thus far was to hire a crew to come in and put in the Roxul.  Matt and the team at The Right Angle spent three very hot and itchy days installing all of the Roxul and vapour barriers.  They were working on some of the hottest days in August – but it saved me about 10 days of itchiness hell, so it was well worth it!  I think we ended up using about 65 bags of insulation.

Again, there were a couple of minor issues with missed boxes in the vapour barrier, and Continue reading

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Ready for Foam!

Has it really been a month since the last update?  Well, it has been exactly one year since we moved out and started down the path of renovating.  It has been a long long road, and one that all four of us will be happy to have behind us.  Reno’s are not easy…

Over the past month, we have been doing lots of little things.  The Spray Foam company will begin their work tomorrow, so this signifies a major milestone as most of the structural and services are now in place.  There are still some bulkheads to build, and many other smaller items to do…but this is major progress.


The basement is now 90% framed which has allowed the HVAC/Plumbing and Electrical to go in.  Gas lines are in, AC is hooked up, Furnace is ready, HRV lines are in, and the tankless HWH is now hung.  Plumbing is progressing in the basement, although there are a lot of different water lines to be run.  Another 2-3 days and my brother should have that covered off.  Rob the electrical has also been busy getting all of his work done.


This past week, we had the HVAC, Structural and ESA inspections.  The HVAC and ESA inspection passed, and I just need a letter from the engineer to signoff the Structural Continue reading

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The Patio Door is in…

It has only been a couple of weeks since I last wrote, but three major items have seen significant progress, so I thought it would be fitting to send a quick update.


The Patio Door:

We are really excited – the new 12ft patio door is in.  It only took a couple of weeks, but it finally is installed.  It took a lot to get it installed – we had to cut back the brick, re-support the overhang, pour a new concrete stoop, and then install the door. Continue reading

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Then there was a Big Ass Fan…

The march towards completion continues…almost everyday another item gets checked off the mile-long list.  It is nice to look back through these posts as it shows the amount of progress over the 2-4 weeks between posts.  Without further rambling – let’s get down to the detailed update:


The fireplace is in and looks great.  It only took about 2hrs to get the unit installed, and then another day to get everything framed out above the fireplace.  The fireplace company needs to come back and install the ‘Heat shift’ system which essentially routes the hot air around the TV.  Hopefully this will prevent the new bigscreen from prematurely dying on us due to the heat.


All of the return ducts have now been installed.  The HRV vents have also been installed.  Code now requires an HRV due to the airtight building envelope, so it will be nice to have fresh air during the winter in the house.


We have decided to go with copper piping for all of the water lines.  Pex is normally run in residential properties now as it is faster and cheaper.  We ultimately chose copper Continue reading

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It’s Spring…

With all of these posts, every single one of them shows progress.  Thus, it is very difficult to come up with titles of posts.  I will say this – it is a lot easier to make progress in the spring than it is during the winter.  There haven’t been any posts lately due to all of the work that was going on.  It may not look like a whole lot, but these are massive steps in the right direction.

We are closing in on the Structural, HVAC and Plumbing inspection which should happen around the end of May.  We will then spend the rest of June doing electrical and insulating.  Then comes drywall, and then Jess’ new baby kitchen can be measured and built.  We are really looking forward to the 4 day long weekend coming up to give the progress an extra little boost.  Without any further adieu, let me show you what has been going on…(sorry this post is so long!)

Continue reading

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Roof, Furnace Room and Front Entrance

There is lots of good news in this update…the warm weather is making everything easier.  I can see us moving back into the house any day now…(sorry Jess, I meant any month now).

With the concrete in, work has now shifted to ensuring that everything is ready to pass the structural inspection.  Basically, this inspection ensures that all of the main systems have been roughed in and all of the framing is complete.  The inspector is looking to make sure that the structure of the building is solid and to ensure that the structure has not been ‘modified’ with small little hacks.  With any luck, we should be there in a few short weeks.  Once this stage is complete, we be ready to insulate and begin drywall.

The roof is now complete* (sorry, I forgot to take a final pic).  It took a long time, but it looks great.  All of the flashings and snow guards are complete* which took a long time to get finished up, but looks great.  I will try and get a pic for the next update.   There are a couple of minor defects that need to be fixed, but I consider it complete. Continue reading

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It has been a busy week, both personally and in the reno-world that consumes our everyday. Things are progressing, but never as quickly as one would like. Continue reading

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